About Us

About us and this website…
We at TransformingHopeMinistries(THM) like to talk about nutrition, health and sports. All this is related to each other and is often very complex. It is our goal to make people aware of healthy food. But also of sports and what effect it has on your health. Health is a very broad concept. We try to discuss all aspects of this on our website. We provide the necessary information, tips and advice.

Why we do this
In this way we can make people aware of everything that has to do with health. Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier or excel in sports and work on your appearance. Here you will find everything about these topics. We will keep you regularly informed of all news. It is our passion to share all of this with you so that you actually benefit from it.

Solutions against obesity
Obesity is an important issue in the Netherlands. We try to put our finger on the wound and confront people with it. You can be on your way to the wrong lifestyle. It is also possible that you are already dealing with obesity and want to do something about it drastically. We show you the possibilities and look at the facts, research and experiences of people with the same problems. That way you will learn more about nutrition, diet and weight loss!