There are MANY ways to fight human trafficking and we're so glad YOU want to join the fight! Below are some of the ways to get involved right now. 

We're looking for an Associate Director. Email us now for a full job description and details! 

We're looking for an Associate Director. Email us now for a full job description and details! 


We've created a one page Prayer to End Human Trafficking based on The Lord's Prayer in Matthew. We invite you to download it, print it, and hang it up in a place where you will remember to pray through it daily. 

We have also created a 30 day prayer guide called "it starts with Him". This prayer guide is a collaboration with folks all over the country and our own board and team members who sent in submissions and helped us create this beautiful piece. We hope you'll take it and spend the next 30 days praying through each entry with your family, church, or small group. 

Consider leading a Prayer Team for Transforming Hope! If this is something that has been on your heart, please contact us at

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In 2017, our greatest need for volunteers is OUTREACH. Consider joining one of our outreach events to a community in one of Durham's most vulnerable neighborhoods. At each event, we have two primary objectives: 1) fill a tangible need and 2) facilitate opportunities for quality time between the children in the community and healthy adult role models. These events are great for groups to volunteer! We have four more dates available for 2017: August 19th, October 28th, and December 9th. 

You can sign up to volunteer and/or donate supplies for our next event on August 19th at this link

*We are currently collecting like-new Halloween costumes for kids ages birth to 12 years old to use for our October event. While you're doing all that spring cleaning, consider dropping off all those old costumes at our office located at 5107 Southpark Dr, Suite 201-B in Durham. We're here Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. 

We will also begin Street Outreach in the fall in Durham with 14-24 year old youth considered homeless or "housing insecure". Please consider gathering items from our wishlist for this program. If you are interested in being trained to help with outreach, please contact us at

If your gifting is organization or outreach, we need you! We're currently searching for about 4-6 people to join our Outreach Core Team. This is currently a volunteer position. The time commitment is about 6 hours a month including monthly meetings and bi-monthly outreach events in Durham. Please contact us at if you are interested in serving in this capacity. 


Are you a medical professional, teacher, parent, civil servant, airport staff, hotel employee, tradesperson, construction worker, truck driver, bank employee, law enforcement, social worker, cosmetologist, real estate agent, or part of a community group such as Girl Scouts? Consider hosting a training event with our Training Team. We can even make it part of your next scheduled staff or group meeting. Complete a request form online and we'll be in touch within 48 hours! 


We're searching for new members of our Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors serve for a minimum of two years and they're involved in all the major decision-making for the organization. They offer support and expertise on a regular basis and commit to meeting at least six times a year in Durham, as well as participate in bi-monthly outreach events, as available. 

For more information about this volunteer positions, please email our Director at

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We all get excited over finding a shirt at Target for $5, but the reality is that, while we saved a few bucks, someone else is paying for it with their life, possibly in another country and possibly right here in the U.S. To us, it's not worth it. We want to use our buying power to demand ethically made products sold by companies who pay their employees a fair wage, provide safe working conditions, do not employ children, and work with suppliers who operate by the same standards. 

One of our favorite, local, ethically sourced shops is The Flourish Market. We can't get enough of their adorable products and we hope you'll check them out too! Also, one of our Board Members, Molly Stillman, has an Ethical Brand Directory on her blog and a podcast featuring ALL the amazing businesses around the world who operate at the highest ethical standards. Check it out! 

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Have intentional, tough conversations with your kids about things like human value, consent, boundaries, "safe" people, sex, abuse, and trafficking. Start early with age-appropriate information. As kids get older, starting listening more than talking. Get comfortable with some trial and error (theirs AND yours!) Your home needs to be a safe place to experience some mistakes and learn from them. 

If you have devices and computers in your home, make sure that you know the risks and know how to prepare your kids for the online world. One of our favorite resources for this is the book Parenting in a Digital World by Clayton Cranford.

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