Parenting in a Digital World Book

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Parenting in a Digital World Book


From Amazon: "Parenting in a Digital World is written by Clayton Cranford, the nation's leading law enforcement educator on social media and online safety for children and recipient of the 2015 National Bullying Prevention Award.

This easy step-by-step guide will show parents how to create a safe environment on the Internet, social networking apps, and on their children's favorite game consoles. Parenting in a Digital World will include:

Step-by-step instructions for enabling all of the hidden settings in your computers, mobile devices, and game consoles to make them safe and secure.

- Safety settings on the latest operating systems and game consoles: Windows 8.1, Mac OSX, Apple mobile iOS, Android mobile OS, Xbox 360 & One, and Playstation 4.

- Latest and most popular apps for teens rated: What they do, their problems, and if they are safe for children.

- A guide to bringing sanity back to your child's digital world by showing parents how to successfully limit "screen time" in their homes.

- How to start a conversation about appropriate use of mobile devices and the Internet.

- A copy of the Cyber Safety Cop's Internet & Mobile Device Usage Contract.

- Steps to successfully dealing with a cyberbullying incident.

- Instructions how to block and report abuse on 83 different apps and online games.

Parenting in a Digital World is a truly unique book that offers real solutions to the inherent risks of the Internet, social media, and online games."

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